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Expose thousands of specifiers to your brand to rapidly increase your visibility

6 reasons to promote your brand on SpecialChem

Are you willing to increase your company's visibility in the chemical, material and cosmetic industries?

Expose your brand to thousands of chemicals & materials specifiers. We propose a wide range of banner inserts to help raw material suppliers promote their upcoming events, announce new product launches or raise brand awareness toward a large and specialized audience.

Discover why you should promote your brand on our websites dedicated to the selection of chemical, material and cosmetic ingredients:

High Traffic

Give massive visibility to your brand and leverage our 4.5+ million visits per year.

Specialized Audience

Expose your brand to thousands of chemicals & materials specifiers.

No Ad-Blocker Impact

Even if visitors use ad-blockers, your banners will still be visible.

Limited Ad Inserts

Be clearly visible on our website. Your banner is not lost among dozens of other ads.

Online Reports

Access all your banners' analytics whenever and wherever you want.

Optimal Cost Per Print

We will propose you the best combinations of banners to maximize your ROI.

Benefit From a Wide Range of Banners to Expose Your Message

High Traffic Area Banners

Give massive exposure to your message. Your ad is displayed on all our neutral contents for a whole calendar month. Three positions are available between the leaderboard, top rectangle and mid rectangle.

Benchmarks: from 60,000 to 120,000 impressions/month

Sponsor Banners

Target professionals looking for products like yours or from your competitors in the Universal Selector, our online ingredient database. Be the exclusive sponsor of an ingredient category to increase your leadership and benefit from the leaderboard and top rectangle positions simultaneously for 3 months minimum.

Benchmarks: from 6,000 to 12,000 impressions/3 months

Newsletter Banners

Reach out to your core audience right in their mailbox. Sponsor one of our 10 weekly and 5 monthly newsletter issues sent to an average of 41,000 subscribers. Combine it with high traffic area banners to get maximal visibility.

Benchmarks: from 4,000 to 6,000 impressions/issue

Are you willing to raise brand awareness on SpecialChem?

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