Strategic Marketing Services for Chemical Suppliers

Identify new business opportunities to penetrate new markets or launch new technologies quickly and at lower risks.

Innovation is a Long, Risky and Expensive Journey

Launching a new product line or entering new markets takes years and leads to a commercial failure in more than two out of three cases.


Product-line extensions into new markets

Success Rate
30 - 40%
Commercialization Time
2 - 7 Years

New-product launches in new markets

Success Rate
15 - 20%
Commercialization Time
8 - 19 Years


Product-line extensions into existing markets

Success Rate
40 -50%
Commercialization Time
2 - 5 Years

New-product launches in existing markets

Success Rate
30 - 40%
Commercialization Time
6 - 15 Years

Familiar Technology

Unfamiliar Technology

Source: McKinsey 2013 "Chemical innovation: an investment for the ages"

Why is Innovation so Long and Uncertain?

Identifying new market opportunities requires specific skills, resources and the right mindset which raw material suppliers are often missing when trying to find new growth pathways.
Get more resources

Lack of technical and marketing resources

Connect to your market

Insufficient market connection and knowledge

Get the good mindset

Unsuitable mindset focused on sales instead of learning

Structure your organization

Ineffective organization structure and processes

Accelerate Your Innovation & Increase Your Success Rate

We offer exploration and validation services to identify the most promising market opportunities in as little as four months helping raw material suppliers to save time, cost and resources and invest with more certainty.
Explore new markets


Identify and prioritize new attractive markets valuing your technology.

We gain unique and reliable market insight, reduce uncertainties and prioritize the best market opportunities for you through several rapid loops of interactions with SpecialChem's experts and community of 500,000+ chemical and materials engineers.

Validate new opportunities


Validate that your product's value proposition matches the market needs.

Through series of interactions, we test the value propositions of your technologies with our community of engineers, formulators and specifiers. We connect you with companies to test your product and improve your offer until it is accepted by the market.

Save time

3x to 5x Time Savings

Experts, community and methodology. We already have all the resources you need.

Get more chance of success

Higher Chance of Success

We provide you with clear and detailed recommendations on each market opportunity.

Optimize your resources

Resource & Cost Optimization

Stop wasting your resources, efforts and investment in dead-end opportunities.

Start Exploring & Validating New Business Opportunities

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