How digitalization is impacting the specialty chemical industry

Published February 13, 2018

Vincent Valk, Senior Editor at Chemical Week, interviewed SpecialChem Founder and CEO Christophe Cabarry on the digitalization of the specialty chemical industry.

The Questions

01:10 - What are some of the key trends driving digitalization in chemicals?

03:50 - Why has the chemical industry been slow to digitalize compare to other sectors?

04:40 - Are chemical companies digitizing as a reaction of customers or is there internal momentum?

05:30 - What are some of the more promising digitalization initiative currently happening in the industry?

09:00 - Dow used a sort of big data initiative some years ago to get high R&D throughput. Is this something that a lot of companies are eager to adapt and to adopt?

10:10 - What happened in the past 18 months to explain the acceleration of this digitalization trend?

11:15 - Do you think that a Chemazon (Amazon marketing place for chemicals) is a realistic possibility?

16:05 - Like Amazon did with a recent acquisition in food, do you think that they could buy an established chemical distributors and integrate it into their own network?

17:45 - It seems that Europe is taking the lead on digitalization. Why is that?