Get all the market insights you need in less than 6 months

Are you developing a new chemical product or trying to enter new markets? We collect deep  and direct market insights to help you develop the right product, identify the best markets valuing your innovation and adopt the best positioning.

Explore new markets

Get a clear mapping of the best market opportunities valuing your chemical concept or existing technology.


  • Get a large yet targeted reach in chemicals
  • Identify the best market opportunities in 4 to 6 months
  • Save time and focus your innovation resources
Validate new products

Learn how to best position your product in your target markets and find partners willing to test your products.


  • Find reliable innovation partners in 4 to 6 months
  • Validate up to 3 market opportunities with technical tests
  • Get the best value propositions to adopt by market

Why SpecialChem to accelerate your innovation?

Involving the market in the early stages of chemical innovations is key to develop the right product and maximize your chance of success. SpecialChem is your ideal partner to reach out to the entire chemical industry and hear the voice of your future customers.

agile methodology
An agile methodology tailored to chemical suppliers

Agile innovation has demonstrated its efficacy to develop the right product in the shortest amount of time. Our missions are based on agile iterative loops to rapidly identify the market needs and insights you need to maximise your chance of success.

broadest reach
The broadest reach in the chemical industry

We leverage our own network of 500,000+ members and 6 millions users/year specialized in coating, adhesive, plastic and cosmetics formulation. Our audience is ideal to broaden your reach to new or unfamiliar markets and ensure to collect reliable and representative market insights.

digital channels
An effective range of digital channels

Count on both our digital tools and expertise to quickly and efficiently collect reliable insights from the chemical markets you want to enter. We design and execute tailored digital campaigns on our platforms to obtain all the learning you need from our audience in 6 months maximum.

“Without SpecialChem, we should have attended 3 to 4 trade shows spread over 2 years to test the market interest”
See how chemical suppliers have accelerated the market uptake with our Insight Solutions