Unveiling Our Top Technological Topics from Recent Years

Published December 21, 2023 | Written by Ana STOYANOVA
SpecialChem Insight Solutions is a service that helps material suppliers assess the market fit of their products to secure and speed-up their commercialization. We combine proprietary digital methods and deep market expertise to "survey" our extensive community of chemical technical buyers and find if the market will value their new products' profile or not, and in which applications reside the best potential for them. At a scale and a speed that are truly unmatched.

More than just a service, this is our dedicated contribution to fuelling the industry's need for innovation and sustainability.

Here is a compilation of the major technological topics that have represented more than 80% of our Insight Solution's work in the last 5 years.


  • Embracing the green wave: new bio-based molecules

Specialty materials and ingredients suppliers place their trust in us to assess the market for ground-breaking bio-derived, non-toxic, and safe building blocks. Together, we are actively engaged in the progress of a diverse array of bio-sourced monomers, designed to serve as the foundational elements for new polymers and additives. Our coverage extended across a myriad of applications in adhesives, coatings, cosmetics and plastics.

Typically, new sustainable building blocks have multiple uses and extensive applications, but finding the best application segments and transitioning from laboratory-scale production to large-scale industrial processes can be complex. Our responsibility has been to assist our clients in identifying the most promising molecules and subsequently exploring optimal application opportunities.

What has set our collaboration apart is the extensive reach within the largest community in the potential application segments. This has granted our Clients direct access to a broad specialized audience, amplifying the impact of their innovations and the direct market feedback they have received.

  • Replacing Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) 

The landscape of many industries has witnessed a surge in the demand for validating novel technologies. The drive is propelled by the imperative need to respond to increasingly stringent regulations. To name a few:

  • additives and polymer applications: pressure to replace phenols, formaldehydes, certain phthalates, …
  • cosmetics and personal care: steering away from traditional ingredients such as silicones or polyquaternium
  • not to forget the possible restrictions of the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) that will impact all market segments

When it comes to complying with new regulations, time stands out as one of the primary pressure factors. Through our streamlined processes and extensive network, our clients have saved at least 2 years in their journey to validate new technologies and gained a significant head start in delivering these innovations to the right target markets.

  • Pushing the limits of high-performance materials in extreme environments (PEEK, PI, PPA, PPS… - based technologies)

How to quickly validate performance at the highest end and successfully introduce top-tier materials on the market?

The persistent need for enhanced heat stability, insulation, flexibility, wear and thermal resistance in challenging environments (at elevated temperatures, and in demanding applications) remains steadfast.

The importance of exploring the drive for new high-heat technologies has never waned and we have gained a true expertise in introducing these technologies to our community. Over the years we learned how to effectively gather valuable insights to connect our clients with the industry partners that will enable to test material interest and performance across target industries (mobility, transportation, electronics, industrial, chemical and processing markets).


  • Advanced conductive materials, including graphene, carbon nanotubes (CNT), and other nanotechnologies

The remarkable mechanical strength and electrical conductivity of materials such as graphene have given great expectations for diverse applications, spanning from flexible electronics to energy storage devices. Nevertheless, integrating the new technologies into existing products and current processes can present a substantial challenge. And effectively scaling up production can take a long time.

It is crucial to assess the market viability and fit of the product and how it positions compared to other emerging nano- and conductive technologies that are capturing market share.

Engaging a substantial portion of the customer base enables direct insights from potential users, validating early on whether the new technology genuinely meets an existing, unmet market need.

As we wrap up another year of exploration and discovery, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Clients for joining us on this incredible journey. Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve and delivering in-depth insights remains stronger than ever. We look forward to continuing this journey with you in the years to come.

Come aboard to redefine the future of sustainable materials together. Contact us at any time for specific requests or further questions.


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