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Quiz: Are you ready for your product launch?

Do you have a new chemical or material under development? Or, are you about to commercialize a product soon?

Well, commercializing a product is always risky, and  failure is less and less an option given the development time, costs and resources that you have already put on the table.

"Will the market adopt my new chemical/material? Are these applications the right target? Does my product answer to real needs?"

Over the years, we've seen at SpecialChem that if you collect reliable marketing insight to answer these questions — and in general about all your uncertaintiesyou maximize your chances of a commercial success.

You have a complete understanding of the market, its needs, pains and challenges. And most importantly, you know exactly how to market your product to each application that you target.

But how close are you to this ideal situation?

Take this short quiz to determine if you are ready to commercialize your new chemical or material, or if you need further insights to secure your product launch.

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