What are SpecialChem's Digital Marketing Solutions?

These solutions are customized digital marketing campaigns that are hosted on SpecialChem platforms.

They are designed to help suppliers of specialty chemicals and materials to attract, influence and engage  formulators, engineers and specifiers — the technical buyers — when they search for new products or ingredients for their coatings, adhesives, cosmetics and plastics formulations.

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How can SpecialChem help me with the following?

What can I expect from your Digital Marketing Solutions?


Increase your brand awareness and leadership

Gain a massive visibility for your brands and products, and develop or reinforce your position in the chemical industry. With a vast global audience of visitors in , SpecialChem is the ideal platform to help you build a solid reputation.


Influence chemical buyers at the most decisive moments

 of our visits are related to active projects. Engineers, formulators and specifiers use SpecialChem at the most decisive moments of their buying process: when they explore and screen new specialty chemicals and materials. You must be present at this moment if you want to be short-listed.


Feed your sales funnel with inbound marketing leads

 of our traffic comes from search engines, making SpecialChem an ideal channel to generate inbound leads for your business. Those leads are more likely to convert quickly into business opportunities. We automatically score all our leads with our proprietary artificial intelligence to help you prioritize and assign your sales and marketing follow-up.


Be multi-channel to capture new business

Stop relying on only farming at your current customers or making cold-calls to prospect and grow your business. Nearly all technical buyers of specialty chemicals and materials self-educate online and only contact suppliers once they have completed a substantial part of their buying process.


Improve your digital marketing skills

The suppliers we work with today clients know that most of new business starts with digital. However, implementing a digital marketing strategy with a little or no experience can quickly turn into a catastrophe. We are here to help you to design and implement a successful strategy for the long term.


Get all the support and resources you need

You don't want your lack of resources or knowledge to be an obstacle to your digital goals. We assist you all along the way, from the design to the implementation of your digital campaigns to maximize your chance of success. We have been doing digital for 20+ years, you can count on us.

How does it work?

Let's be clear. It is impossible to engage your future customers with a generic digital marketing program. Your company is unique. Your objectives, needs, challenges and resources are all factors that impact your digital marketing strategy. We are here to help you to design and implement the right buyer engagement campaigns.


Phase 1: We map your goals

We first need to understand the uniqueness of your situation. What are your objectives and expectations? What are your digital maturity and available resources? What holds you back or could prevent you to reach your desired growth?

Over the years, we have developed a quick and easy diagnostic meeting to ease this exchange and capture the essence of your needs and ability.

This diagnostic is free, and most if not all of the participants valued the outcome of this introspective exercise whether or not they become clients.


Phase 2: We design your program

If you are a digital expert, like a marketing agency, you can design your own program and let us know what campaigns you would like to utilize from our portfolio. We will still advise you on best practices when necessary.

If you need assistance to step into the digital world, like many of chemical suppliers, we will design and recommend you a customized digital marketing program. We know our audience and campaigns better than anyone else. We then explain, discuss and fine-tune this program with you to come up with a plan that makes you feel comfortable.

This program recommendation is also free of charge.


Phase 3: We execute your campaigns

Once we agree on a program, it is time to implement it on SpecialChem platforms.

Your Customer Success Manager will take care of all your digital marketing campaigns.

He or she will gather your content, publish your campaigns, write your promotional materials, apply best practices, report and analyze the performance, suggest improvements or corrective actions and advise you on digital marketing best practices.

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