The best digital solution to your marketing needs

Every chemical supplier has unique business objectives and challenges. Benefit from a tailored digital solution to support your marketing objectives.

Visibility & Advertising
& Advertising

Give massive or targeted exposition to your brand, products and events.

Content Marketing & Education
Content Marketing
& Education

Share the benefits of your solutions to educate and convert engineers into future customers.

Lead Generation & Engagement
Lead Generation
& Engagement

Feed your sales pipeline with scored leads actively looking for new products.

Why SpecialChem for your digital marketing?

SpecialChem provides databases of chemicals and cosmetics ingredients to help formulators and engineers find technical information for their projects. One the other side, we help chemical suppliers reach out their targeted audience through digital solutions.

Reach the largest technical audience in chemicals
Reach the largest technical audience in chemicals

With more than 2.5 Million users per year and 500,000+ profiled members, SpecialChem helps chemical suppliers to connect with plastics, coatings and cosmetics engineers, formulators and product developers.

Run effective digital campaigns
Run effective digital campaigns

Whatever your marketing objectives or challenges, we have the right digital tools to support you. From content creation, to inbound and outbound marketing, we design our campaign to best match your needs.

Benefit from our digital expertise
Benefit from our digital expertise

We are pioneer in digital for more than 20 years. As we know both our tools and community, we are able to recommend you a unique campaign tailored to maximize your return on investment.


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