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From product development to new customer engagement, our solutions are tailored to support your business growth and quickly reach your objective.

Insight Solutions
Insight Solutions

Quickly find new applications, explore new markets or regions and validate new products.


  • Faster time-to-market: up to 2 years
  • Higher chance of successful launch
  • Direct access to target markets
Digital Marketing Solutions
Digital Marketing Solutions

Leverage our audience and digital channels to engage new customers via a tailored program.


  • Direct reach to your future customers
  • Broad and effective digital portfolio
  • 100% custom and scalable programs
Digitalization Solutions
Digitalization Solutions

Get the support and resources you need to build your digital strategy and marketing.


  • Higher digitalization success
  • Faster implementation
  • Optimized ROI
Digital Marketing Resources
Digital Marketing Resources

Master digital marketing in the chemical industry like no one. Learn how to manage and convert your digital leads, find best practices on inbound marketing and even more.


Reach the largest technical audience in chemicals & materials

Since 2000, we connect formulators, specifiers and suppliers of chemicals and materials to help them innovate and accelerate both their technology and business. We offer a unique opportunity to chemicals suppliers to get quick and easy access to relevant market knowledge and feedback as well as efficiently promote their brand to people who really matter.

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Visits Per Year

Profiled Members Profiled Members


Profiled Members

Technical Audience Technical Audience


Technical Audience

Coatings & Inks Ingredients Coatings & Inks Ingredients

Coatings & Inks

Adhesives & Sealants Ingredients Adhesives & Sealants Ingredients

Adhesives & Sealants

Plastics, Elastomers & Polymers Additives Plastics, Elastomers & Polymers Additives

Plastics, Elastomers
& Polymers Additives

Cosmetics Ingredients Cosmetics Ingredients


300+ Chemical suppliers grow their business with us

"The SpecialChem team has helped us in getting the best out of our promotional campaigns. They take genuine interest in ensuring that every campaign achieves measurable success. They are extremely responsive and have a good understanding of the industry."

Bimal Shah, Projects & Operation Director


"We collaborated with SpecialChem to present webinars to an interested global audience. We used SpecialChem's websites and e-Newsletters to share relevant contents with the readers of these digital platforms. We have been positively impressed with the planning, execution and the results of this partnership."

Matthew Defosse, Marketing & Communication Manager Europe

"Our visibility program was very effective and the result exceeded our expectations. We constantly felt very well advised and serviced by SpecialChem's staff. Definitely, a very recommendable and affordable way of boosting your business."

Pablo Dalmau, Special Additives Business Unit Director

Start growing faster with SpecialChem

See how to accelerate and digitalize both your strategic and operational marketing.