Podcast: digitalization in the chemicals distribution sector

Published October 20, 2020

The digitalization wave is bigger than ever and brings its own threats, challenges and opportunities to the chemical industry. But what does it mean for the distribution sector?

Christophe Cabarry, CEO and founder of SpecialChem — The Material Selection Platform, shared his view on digitalization in Chemical Week podcast #53.

01:23 | Can you describe some initiatives that distributors are taking in the digitalization and e-Commerce area?

04:55 | What do you mean by "distributors are doing more digital marketing"? 

06:00 | "Amazon for chemicals" is not really applicable to this industry. When talking about web-shops, do you mean websites where customers can browse products, fill an order or talk to customer services or technical experts?

08:30 | What are some of the challenges that distributors are having with digitalization?

12:10 | How can digital help distributors provide more value to customers and principals, and presumably do things that may be they weren't able to do?

15:10 | Tool-generated data seems to be something on top of mind at companies and with executives that are forward-thinking about digitalization. But, how to get insight from this data?

17:10 | Inbound marketing, outbound marketing, could you explain what it is, why it is important and what can distributors do to improve their sales and marketing process?

23:28 | The pandemic has accelerated the digitalization across all industries, but do you think it has bolstered the case for digitalization when things go back to normal?




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