What are SpecialChem banners?

Do you want to expose your brand, promote your products or advertise events in the plastic, coating, adhesive or cosmetic industries?

Our on-site and newsletter banners are the best spot for you.

They offer you one of the lowest cost-per-view in the specialty chemical and material industry, combined with one of the highest performance that you will ever find.

But don't believe us — scroll and take a look for yourself.

SpecialChem - Banners

Our banner options

The high traffic area banners

High traffic
area banners

Massively expose thousands of formulators, engineers and specifiers in your target industry

From 1,100€ to 3,190€/month



  • Leaderboard - 970x90px
  • Top Rectangle - 300x250px
  • Mid Rectangle - 300x250px

Display rules

Your banners are displayed on all the most visited pages of our website such as technical library, articles, news, product pages and search results excluding client content, Premium Listing pages and search results having an active Exclusive Category Sponsorship banner. 

Price & Guaranteed Performances

  • Cosmetic ingredients
    95,000 guaranteed prints /month
    12€ - 34€ CPM
  • Paint, Coating & Ink ingredients
    30,000 guaranteed prints /month
    37€ - 106€ CPM
  • Adhesive & Sealant ingredients
    35,000 guaranteed prints /month
    31€ - 91€ CPM
  • Polymer Additives
    29,000 guaranteed prints /month
    38€ - 110€ CPM
  • Plastics & Elastomers
    47,000 guaranteed prints /month
    23€ - 68€ CPM
The exclusive category sponsorship

Exclusive category
sponsorship banners

Influence your technical buyers when they search for similar or competitive chemicals or materials

From 320€ to 1,595€/month



  • Leaderboard - 970x90px
  • Top Rectangle - 300x250px
  • Exclusive and simultaneous positions

Display rules

Your banners are exclusively displayed on the product search results and product pages for your selected product category, excluding product pages with a Premium Listing.

Price & Performances

  • Top category
    10,000+ prints / 1,250€ /month
  • Very high category
    8,000 - 10,000 prints / 950€ /month
  • High category
    4,000 - 8,000 prints / 700€ /month
  • Medium category
    2,500 - 4,000 prints / 400€ /month
  • Low category
    500 - 2,500 prints / 250€ /month
The newsletter banner


Expose your future customers when they self-educate on new products or solutions in our weekly and monthly newsletters

From 880€ to 1,100€/issue



  • Leaderboard - 600x90px

Display rules

Your banner is placed on top of the newsletter.

Newsletter issues

  • Product Selection / Weekly
  • Technical Solutions / Monthly
  • Industry News / Bi-Weekly
  • 1 issue by industry

Available industries

  • Cosmetic ingredients & Personal Care
  • Coating & Ink ingredients
  • Adhesive & Sealant ingredients
  • Polymer Additives
  • Plastics & Elastomers

Price & Performances

  • 40,000 - 50,000 recipients /issue
  • 5,000 - 7,000 prints /issue
  • 800€ - 1,000€ /issue

Is SpecialChem the best channel for my banner campaign?


Gain a massive visibility for your brand and message

Do you want your banner campaign to be inevitably seen in the chemical industry? visitors used SpecialChem in to search and find new specialty chemicals and materials. This is one of the largest audiences that you will find in the plastic, adhesive, coating and cosmetic spaces.


Reach a large audience of chemical buyers

of our members hold technical R&D and production positions, your technical buyers. SpecialChem gives you the access to one of the most qualified sources of formulators, engineers and specifiers in the chemical industry.


Be considered at the early stages of the buying decision

of our visits are related to an active project, from exploring new solutions to short listing suppliers and later phases. SpecialChem is the best channel to increase your brand awareness to be considered when your prospective customers look for new materials or ingredients.


Get the best performance/cost ratio in the chemical industry

Our CPM — Cost per thousand prints — is 2 to 4 times less expensive than other websites dealing with cosmetic formulations and ingredients. And plastic, adhesive and coating markets are even less competitive than the cosmetic space, meaning you will have to invest in even higher CPM on other websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

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