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Capturing the digital buyer is demanding. See how SpecialChem makes it much simpler.

Published April 20, 2023 | Written by SpecialChem

Digital buyers are behaving differently than the traditional ones (see article The 10 ways digital buyers differ from traditional buyers). Capturing them requires changes in a number of fields from chemicals suppliers used to dealing with non-digital customers. You will need traffic, adapted software, quite bit of data, new sales & marketing processes, probably new skills and more resources. And obviously change management.

Digitalizing might therefore be costly, risky and frustrating. All the more as results are generally long to come. It is easy to get why many companies see it as intimidating.

The SpecialChem Digital Marketing Solutions are an easy way to go to the results fast, without making all the investments that a digital infrastructure requires.



With SpecialChem you get:

  • Access to a huge flow of buyers in search mode

SpecialChem, The Material Selection Platform, is attracting a huge traffic of digital “technical buyers” looking for new chemicals and materials. In 2022, 9 Million of them visited our platforms, which corresponds to roughly 6 Million projects! Which is vastly more than any supplier in the world on the markets we serve. For any given product category, SpecialChem generates much more traffic than any company active in this technology. First because we have MUCH more content on it (all the products from every supplier to start with, guides, articles, courses, etc.) and a team of SEO experts constantly looking for the new optimizations that will bring more traffic on our platform. In short our Clients access this highly valuable traffic and do not need to create it.

  • A complete portfolio of proven, ready-to-use campaigns to detect, influence and connect with the digital buyer

Capturing the digital buyer requires different types of contents (aka digital assets), pursuing different goals at different moment of its buyer’ journey. They are all at-hand, readily available on SpecialChem. Different types of banners to do branding, leadership assertion, raise brand awareness. Webinars, Centers and articles to educate. Selector listing to generate interactions when customers are ready. No need to wait to have your own online catalog, webinars, contents, bannering system on the digital channels you own, you can use our digital tools that have been optimized over years.

  • Support to create your content

The digital world uses a wide variety of digital assets: articles, white papers, case studies, videos, tutorials, infographics, etc., which are clear enrichments of the User Experience. But they require resources and specific skills that take time to acquire. And to train. The SpecialChem content experts are here for that. At any time, with the right balance of skills between marketing, digital and chemistry.

  • Access to all the software required… without even noticing it!

To be really good at capturing the digital buyers on you channels, you need a lot of software. Let’s name a few: the right Content Management System (CMS), the right Analytics, the right CRM, the right Marketing Automation fully integrated to your CRM, the right Product Information Management (PIM) system, the right Lead Management software, a Business Intelligence (BI) solution, a chat solution, a solid and flexible solution to store and access all your data (datalake, data warehouses…), a webinar management solution, SEO analytics, SEA, many connectors and APIs to stitch all of these bricks together. And many others of lesser importance. Needless to say that this take time, efforts and money to build. 

In parallel, through our Digital Marketing Solutions, you get a complete tech stack at your fingertips, that has been polished over the years.

  • Access to data, analytics and unique AI-scores

Doing business digitally creates a lot of data as every interaction between a digital buyer and some digital assets generates data. But it also consumes a lot of data to perform. You use data to optimize your targeting, to determine the customers intent, to use your resources on customers that make most sense, to analyze and improve the performance of your campaigns etc.

When you are running a Digital Marketing Program with us, all of the traditional campaign analytics are accessible in your SpecialChem’s Program Analytics. But you also access to the fruit of our Ai-powered algorithms, like for example leads scoring. Or key indicators like your popularity index. And our Customer Success Manager have access to even more data to maximize the capture of new business.

  • Access to a unique Digital + Chemical expertise

Even though the big principles of business are the same in digital as in traditional sales, more granular business processes can widely change. When you are new into digital, some things are counter intuitive. Or you might want to replicate what you do traditionally with a digital spin... with little success. Like many profound changes, doing business digitally requires new specific skills sets. Trial and error is a terribly long and costly way to learn.

With our Digital Marketing Solutions, you benefit from decades of patiently accumulated digital expertise. Which starts from the design of a tailor-made program specifically for you based on your business objectives and your company digital maturity. 

The secrets to make a great webinar, a performing content, the best practices of Leads-to-Business conversion: these are examples of expertise your SpecialChem Customer Success Managers offer. They accompany your team in the entire life of your program to achieve a solid success. And if needed, you will benefit from all the digital trainings of our SpecialChem Academy.


SpecialChem offers a concentrate of all the ingredients you need to capture the digital buyers. All integrated, in one place, in one service.

As a result, you get great business results without any huge CAPEX investment, without waiting for ages your digital infrastructure is ready, with much less risk.

If your organization is a beginner in digital, you will learn tremendously. Which will also help you make better choices for your internal organization, your contents, your tools, the profile of people you need to hire, your software…

And if your company is more advanced digitally, then you probably have a well-suited digital infrastructure but you also know that being digital means being mutli-channel… and we hope you know that SpecialChem is one of the “unavoidable channels” in your multi-channel strategy!


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We can help you attract, influence and engage converters, OEMs and specifiers — your technical digital buyers — at the most decisive moment of their material selection.