The 8 Benefits of your SpecialChem Client Success Manager

Published November 29, 2023 | Written by SpecialChem

Over the last 20+ years, SpecialChem has become a powerful central hub of information about specialty chemicals that attracts buyers in key markets, all over the world. With 9 million technical buyers that visit our websites every year, including 6 million of them in active project mode, our teams developed a deep understanding of the industry's practices and markets that enables us to align your digital marketing strategy with your business objectives.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to digital marketing, this is why we focus on personalized programs based on your business needs. We devised a wide range of marketing services that enable to create a true digital journey to attract and engage with your potential customers.

There arises the crucial need for an expert who can interpret the data and accompany you to draw insightful conclusions of the programs. "How is my program performing?", "How could I improve my next campaign?", "Are my messages clear and keywords attractive?", "What should be my focus to reach my objective?". These are all questions for which an expert eye of a qualified success manager can help you answer. 

Get access to "Digital-in-Chemical" experts 


“At SpecialChem, we help our Clients better understand the digital behavior of their prospective customers and how to influence them along their online buying journey.” 

Deborah Fung, Head of Client Success at SpecialChem


The CSM is an in-house SpecialChem program expert that acts as an extension of your own team to bring value to your programs. It is a trained marketing professional with a unique ‘digital-in-chemical’ knowledge. Our CSMs know the program's backstage intimately, they have worked with a variety of chemical products and target markets. Their expert analysis of the data gathered enables to construct insightful business reports and effectively evaluate program performance. 


What are the benefits of having a Client Success Manager for specialty chemical suppliers?   


  1. Align your digital marketing strategy with company business goals

    SpecialChem works closely with suppliers to ensure their digital marketing efforts are in perfect harmony with their overarching business objectives. This holistic approach ensures that every campaign  is not just a standalone effort but a cog in the larger machine driving towards business growth. 
  2. Understand market dynamics

    Our Clients receive data-driven insights that reveal underlying market trends and customer preferences. This knowledge allows for the development of product and marketing strategies that resonate with current demands.
  3. Increase your Program's Engagement

    With the support of our CSMs, suppliers create engaging content and strategies that captivate potential buyers. They rely on the guidance of the Client Success Manager to  ensure that the best practices are followed for a maximum impact.
  4. Track your program Performance

    SpecialChem provides robust analytics to track the progress of their programs in real-time, measure key performance indicators, and estimate return on investment.
  5. Get improvement recommendations based on continuous analysis

    Our teams closely follow program analytics to provide ongoing support, compare program reports vs benchmarks, and formulate iterative improvement suggestions. 
  6. Elevate your team's skills with SpecialChem Training Resources

    The Client Success Manager equips suppliers with the training and resources they need to effectively utilize its platform. From "how-to" guides to personalized coaching, our partners can grow their digital maturity.
  7. Ensure Customer Retention

    By using SpecialChem's deep understanding of the chemical market, suppliers can develop strategies that not only attract customers but also keep them engaged and loyal to the brand.
  8. Gain Competitive Advantage

    In a fast-paced market, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. SpecialChem provides access to the latest digital marketing techniques, giving its Clients a competitive edge. 

In short, a CSM is an integral part of the digital program management and performance, and a valuable resource for companies to work alongside their marketing and sales team. SpecialChem's Client Success Management not only helps suppliers launch and maintain effective digital marketing campaigns but also builds a foundation for sustained market presence and growth, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer loyalty. 


But don’t take our word for it, hear it from your industry peers: 


“SpecialChem feedback is always meaningful and to the point, and it helps us to analyze the campaign results quickly and easily. […] The team is very professional, always well prepared and supportive. Questions are answered quickly. That makes working together a really satisfying experience.” 

CLR Berlin 


“People at SpecialChem have knowledge about the business and industry. They are also good listeners and think along with us. They think in solutions and are very pleasant to work with.” 




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