How much does a digital marketing program cost with SpecialChem?

Published January 19, 2023 | Written by SpecialChem

How much does SpecialChem cost?

This is certainly a key question you may have if you are considering using SpecialChem to grow your business.

Even if we design and quote programs for new clients every day, it is a tough question to answer right off the bat, because there is no standard program, and the price depends on so many variables.

We don’t quote prices until we have figured out exactly what you need, and in most cases even predict what the results could be based on historical programs. This is the reason why we always offer a free diagnostic and design a custom program with our skilled experts.

This being said, this post will give you general price ranges to help you size your budget according to your growth objectives. But please keep in mind that all prices are only estimates, and only an assessment with one of our experts will give you a reliable quote.




How much does a SpecialChem program cost?

Our digital marketing programs range from ~15 k€ for an annual lead generation product listing up to 250 k€ annually for large programs targeting many types of business opportunities and requiring many different inbound and outbound campaigns at high frequency.

The price of a program is the sum of:

  • Campaigns
    This is the core of your program. We use campaigns to leverage SpecialChem traffic and audience to reach your specific goals. It includes lead generation listings in our product database, webinars, email and newsletter promotions, banners, etc.

  • Content creation
    We create case studies, expert articles, interviews, and infographics.

  • Lead follow-up outsourcing
    We use humans (yes, real people) to screen your leads, qualify leads, conduct phone interviews, write-up call reports, and manage your lead funnel.

  • Trainings
    We have a SpecialChem Academy to train our clients on many best practices including lead management, running effective webinars, and many new topics.

Each program also includes a Client Success Manager (CSM) — a digital marketing specialist who’s in charge to execute your campaigns, organize reports and share tips, best practices, and improvements for your future campaigns. Additionally, your CSM is an expert with campaign optimization. Since we are continually measuring and tracking results, your CSM will work with you to continually optimize your program along the way.

We include a CSM into the cost of every program, so there are no surprise fees when it comes to sign your contract. You are not only buying campaigns, but also the support of a digital marketing specialist to create the highest value possible for your business. 😉



What criteria influence the price of your program?

These are the typical criteria that will influence your program price:

1. Do you have a Wide Gap between your starting point and your growth objectives?
  • Low popularity of your brand, company or products
  • Low leadership in your target market
  • Low maturity or new technology in the market
  • Low market education on your technologies
2. Do you have Low Resources to create content, or follow-up with the leads that you generate?
  • Limited content available
  • No content creation capacity
  • No effective lead follow-up processes
  • Lack of resources to follow-up on your digital leads
  • Low digital maturity
3. Do you have a Large Scope needed to cover:
  • Multiple technologies
  • Multiple industries
  • Wide range of applications
  • Wide product range?



Examples of price ranges

In the below table, you will get price range ideas based on your gap and difficulty levels.

Once again, these ranges are vague estimates, and they may not reflect the real price of your program. Only a real assessment with one of our experts will help you get a quote based on your needs.

How much does a digital marketing program cost with SpecialChem_Blog_Listing_v4

Again, these ranges are vague estimates and do not reflect YOUR exact situation.

When we craft a program, we adapt our recommendation to both your budget and your desired outcome. We can also split invoicing as needed across budget cycles or businesses.

Would you like to discuss your growth objectives with us? Our digital experts are here to understand your challenges and recommend a program that meet your needs.

Contact us to schedule your free diagnostic today!



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