What does SpecialChem do exactly?

Published March 22, 2021 | Written by James Weatherall

We are often asked, “What exactly is SpecialChem… Are you a Distributor? Are you a marketplace? Are you selling any products?

The simple answer is “none of the above”.

We are neither a supplier nor a distributor, we do not produce or sell any products, and we are not an e-marketplace. So who is SpecialChem and what do we do?


Who is Specialchem?

Since 2000, SpecialChem has been building and leveraging the world’s largest global network of engineers and technical professionals in chemicals and materials.

Our databases include detailed profiles for more than 350,000 products from more than 3,800 companies from around the world. Having said that, we serve many needs.


Material selection platforms

We are a material selection platform that provides formulation chemists and engineers with the world’s most comprehensive database of ingredients and the knowledge to use them.

  • We focus on five markets: Adhesives and Sealants; Paints, Coatings and Inks; Cosmetics and Personal Care; Polymer additives, and Plastics and Elastomers.

  • We aim to be the preferred go-to resource when an engineer or formulation chemist is in the early exploration and screening stages of the buying process.

  • In 2020, we experienced over 19 million pageviews coming from more than 9 million unique visitors from all regions of the world.

  • More than 40% of the traffic visiting our platforms already has an active project underway!

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Digital Marketing Solutions

We are a digital marketing partner providing state-of-the-art methodologies to global marketing professionals at chemical and material suppliers to:

  • Ensure that our clients and their solutions are found during the critical early exploration and screening stages

  • Raise their brand awareness and assert their market leadership

  • Educate formulators on the unique benefits of their solutions, especially for new product launches

  • Generate AI-scored and prioritized marketing qualified leads (MQLs), and even sales qualified leads (SQLs) if needed

Learn more about the Digital Marketing Solutions.


Insight Solutions

We are consultants helping clients to accelerate and secure the development and commercialization of chemicals and materials. We collect large amount of data points, feedback and relevant market insights in less than 6 months to:

  • Identify the best application opportunities, understand unmet market needs and increase their certainty of market conditions and technical requirements.

  • Validate their prototypes by gathering marketing and technical acceptance of their new solutions, and connecting them with Learning partners to fine tune their value proposition.

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Digitalization Solutions

We are advising chemical and materials companies on best practices to:

  • Develop a digital strategy for their main growth engines of Sales and Marketing and R&D/Innovation

  • Advising on investments in customer relationship (CRM) and marketing automation (MA) software and the preferred skill sets for the next generation of key professionals

  • Training on best practices for digital methodologies

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In conclusion, SpecialChem is many things to many stakeholders. Visit our website to learn how we might best support your marketing and new business development objectives for your specialty chemicals and materials.


Do you want to reach chemical buyers? Or implement an effective digital marketing strategy?
SpecialChem has the audience, the digital assets, the expertise and the support you need to accelerate your business growth.