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What should I expect out of my collaboration with SpecialChem?

Published September 14, 2023 | Written by SpecialChem
When we discuss potential collaboration with new specialty chemical suppliers, we hear this question quite often. Let us clarify all the details in this article for you.
In a general manner, your expectations with us will be personalized, according to your strategic objectives. They will be determined and set from the very beginning of our collaboration by conducting our Digital Growth Ability Profile (GAP) diagnostic. 
But fundamentally, your expectations revolve around capturing the digital buyer. 
In the era of digital buyers, you face the challenge of standing out to reach these new targets. They behave differently from the traditional buyers and thus foster the digitalization of the chemical industry. Digital buyers are the core of our community – 9 million searched for a product on SpecialChem in 2022, 6 million being in project mode. In this article, we will share how collaborating with us can significantly contribute to your new business generation, your digital maturity growth, and strengthening your branding.



New business generation

By collaborating with us, you will get access to the industry’s largest specialized audience, most of these digital buyers, 60-70%, working on active projects as we speak. They search for solutions to best solve their challenges in coatings & inks, cosmetics, adhesives & sealants, or plastics.

Our community is global. According to your strategic approach, you can have a global reach or a regional focus in a matter of days. No additional resources to develop your presence in different regions you target, no CAPEX and time to invest for new technologies implementation, no new hirings, just leveraging SpecialChem assets, know-how and support for your personalized program.

By directing your sales and marketing efforts to buyers in project mode, you will boost your sales among new digital buyers who are leading the digital transformation of the chemical industry. They convert into business 6 times more and also much faster than the ones generated by traditional sales and marketing practices. 

Moreover, we use artificial intelligence (AI) as the basis of our unique lead scoring model. With this system in place, we can provide you with consistent, relevant, intentional, and actionable information on every lead. This score will not only help you better understand your customers’ needs but will also help you prioritize your follow-up activities to optimize conversions and save precious sales resources

In the digital era almost anyone, from everywhere can be your lead, right? They show interest in your technologies and products, they access your documents, they interact with your content. The volume can be high. Which is great, but we need to prioritize them to otimize our results. What do we mean by this? As leads have different potential in each moment, it is critical to identify the ones with the highest interest and conversion potential first and act on them fast

This is also preferable for the customers themselves. The hot leads are in general happy to be proposed assistance and specific solution when they most need it. Your sales team is happy as they interact with clients with potential. Digital clients. Their trust in digital channels and motivation to work on these new leads will also increase and consolidate over time. 
Finally, both sales and marketing teams will be happy, as there is a constant flow of digital leads coming in. While rapidly handling the hot ones, the rest of the leads will remain in your funnel to be further nurtured until they are ready to move forward and eventually buy from you. Continue to take care of them accordingly. This way, you have higher chances to be on their short list when they search for one of the technologies you also supply.



Grow your company’s digital maturity


You are probably aware of our 4-level scale of companies’ digital maturity. If you have not already checked the maturity level of your company, please take this simple online quiz that we developed especially for chemicals' suppliers.

While working with us, you will benefit from the digital and industry expertise of your Client Success Manager (CSM) who will lead your program. She or he will work with an extended SpecialChem team to onboard you and your team, provide continuous support and education on how to best translate your strategy into the digital world, while pursuing your specific program's objectives.

Our CSMs have been working with many chemical companies, they have managed many programs and even more campaigns before yours. They are constantly trained on the industry and on the SpecialChem best practices. By working with them, your teams learn these best practices step-by-step. Which  steadily increases the digital maturity of your organization. All the more as our CSMs give you advises on how you are organized digitally, the efficiency of your processes or the skills gaps you might have.

Our Clients tell us they learn a lot from discussions on their program results. From the analysis of their campaign results but also from the comparison with SpecialChem benchmarks.

More recently, the learning process got enriches by our SpecialChem Academy program, an assisted learning program available for anyone in your company, on practically all digital topics of your interest. You can join our planned sessions on topics like “The Digitalization of the Chemical Buyer” or “How can your content strategy help capture the digital buyer”. Or we can organize personalized sessions in which your colleagues can exclusively meet our experts on topics of their interest.

A consistent part of these sessions is dedicated to questions and answers, to make sure your learnings are directly applicable to your cases.

Counting on your own, internal digital experiences to raise your company's digital maturity is of course possible. But it is in general much longer! With SpecialChem, you get instant access to all the components of digital performance: people with skills, the right tools & technologies, top notch processes and the underlying data  needed to bind them all and perform. Everything at your fingertips.

80% of the companies starting a program with us are in the first 2 levels of digital maturity. Thanks to the knowledge they gain, they jump to the next level in a couple of years, which is immensely profitable for their entire business, not only the one on SpecialChem. 




Being present on the SpecialChem platform boosts the visibility of your company and its products. You can develop and offer best-in-class products, if your targeted audience is not aware of them, it will be difficult to sell them.

All our digital marketing programs contain a dimension of brand awareness. With specific tools and contents, we make sure to create multiple touch points between your brands and your potential customers.

Besides measuring the simple views of your brands by our communities, we also track the interest your products gets with a more specific indicator of your branding performance vs your competitors: your Popularity Index.

We calculate this index at the company level, including for companies that are not having a digital marketing program with us but that are just listed in our product databases. Did you check yours lately? Contact us to get your Popularity Index.

Your brand visibility will have medium to long-term positive effects on your business. The awareness and trust built among your targeted markets will last over time. Cherish it and continue to build on it. As the digital environment will become more noisy, more companies and brands will fight for one of the most valuable assets: digital buyers’ attention.

Our analysis shows that our Clients experience a x4 increase of their Popularity Index over the duration of their program with us!  Which has business benefits far beyond the SpecialChem channel and much after their program's end. 




Increase your popularity and engage your future customers
We can help you attract, influence and engage converters, OEMs and specifiers — your technical digital buyers — at the most decisive moment of their material selection.