Why is organic traffic key to engage new customers

Published October 6, 2021 | Written by Nicolas Dupond

Leads from organic sources are more likely to have a strong buying intent

When visiting your product pages and downloading your documents on SpecialChem, a visitor becomes a lead, a person showing interest in your product.

But all the leads are not the same. Some are looking because there are curious, and others may have added your product to a short list with a specific project in mind.

We have learned that leads coming from organic trafficfrom a proactive search using a search engine like Googleare more likely to be actively searching due to a specific project.

This fact is not specific to material databases or SpecialChem, it is common to all the websites in all the industries in the world.

Look at you. Where do you go when you need to buy something? You start on a search engine to educate yourself, find best-in-class solutions in your price-range, read comparison and reviews, and lastly, find a store which sells the item at the cheapest price.


Your click and visit holds more business potential than curious visitors who landed on that website after a promotional email for example.

Well, this is exactly the same process your technical buyers are using. The buying journey of your future customers is more and more self-driven and digital, and it will only keep growing as our world accelerates with digital adoption. Most buying decisions are now made digitally, with zero or limited human interaction.

This is why organic traffic is one of the best indicators of your leads’ intent, and if the leads’ profile matches your buyer persona, then jackpot! You have found the best material database to list your products.

Organic traffic is the “holy grail” to achieve for marketers as it takes time and trust for a website (or page) to build a strong reputation index within the search engines in order to land on the first page search results. By the way, if you place a paid ad in Google, that click is not “organic” – it is “paid” and it is more expensive than an organic click.


Leads from inbound sources convert 6 times more vs those from outbound

As true scientists, we don’t take words for granted. We need proof – with data. So we measured it and published the results is in this post: Outbound vs Inbound leads: which convert more into business?

Spoiler Alert: Leads from inbound sources (mostly organic traffic) convert 6 times more into active opportunities than those from outbound sources. See?

And you, what is the organic share in your lead sources?



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